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Try made-to-order Italian sandwiches at Romeo Dibona's Italian American

From sizzling eggplant parmesan to crisp, fresh salads, Romeo Dibona's Italian American has options on our menu that everyone will enjoy. Bring your family for a dinnertime treat or swing by on your lunch break for a classic Italian sandwich. Each menu item is freshly prepared to delight your taste buds with every bite.

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Everyone has different tastes, and our goal is to help you create a meal that perfectly satisfies your cravings. Romeo Dibona's Italian American has a large menu with tons of customizable options. Some of our most popular items include:

Imported and domestic cheeses and meats
Salads, prepared fresh daily
Italian cold cut sandwiches
Hot pork roast sandwiches

Try something new when you visit Romeo Dibona's Italian American today.

3 good ways to enjoy our food (and there are no bad ways)

Whether you're rushing home after work or you want to grab a quick bite for lunch, Romeo Dibona's Italian American has a dining option for you. You can choose from:

In-house dining.

Order your food here and take in the atmosphere.

Gourmet takeout.

Pick up your food and enjoy it at home.


Hire us to cater your next event with our fresh menu options.

In addition to operating our restaurant, we sell unique olive oil bottles on site that you can use to enhance your own cooking.

When I walked in I was greeted by Chef Romeo, a nice and friendly Italian guy. After talking to him, I found out he's the former executive chef from Borgata's premier steak house, Old Homestead. I ordered two different chicken cutlet sandwiches to go and they were made to order very quickly, I was in and out in less than ten minutes. The sandwiches were both great, I had half of each. The Antny Mole cutlet sandwich was so killer, I want to try everything on the menu but it's going to take a while because I know I'll want the Mole again and again. My only constructive criticism is maybe there's actually too much chicken and the prices are a bit on the high end for the area. I prefer a thinner cutlet myself, these beast chicken sandwiches are more of a dinner meal than a lunch, they're epically big.

Chris B.

Bread is excellent but most importantly the meat is excellent quality. It's legit Italian lunch meat unlike the spongy wet nasty crap sandwich places are trying to pass off as good Italian lunch meat. There are a few tables to sit at. They were offering fries for $6 which I thought was a little steep but it was a generous portion and they were big old crinkle cuts. It's clean, the owner is nice. We tried the Aunt Jenny from 9th Street and the Joey Irish. I've actually never had ham like that before, it was very good. The onions were fresh. The cheese on both was delicious, the American was creamy and flavorful and the cheese on the Aunt Jenny was sharp. There are actually 2 Aunt Jenny sandwiches, be mindful cause my husband accidentally ordered the wrong one. I'll definitely be back as it's totally unlike any sandwich place in the area.

Sunny K.